Dr. habil. Bertram Fronhöfer:

He studied Mathematics at the LMU München (1973-1982) and received Diploma in 1982.

From January 1979 to October 1982 he was a part-time employee of SIEMENS AG, Munich,
where he worked on natural language processing.

He was leader of the Automated Reasoning Research Group at the Technische Universität München
-- with several leaves -- from October 1990 till March 2000 (member of the group since November 1982).

Since November 2001 he worked at TU Dresden as coordinator of the
International Center for Computational Logic.
Since June 2014 he is exempted from work due to pre-retirement regulations (Freistellungsphase der Altersteilzeit).

IHe obtained a doctoral degree in Computer Science from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble in 1989
and his `Habilitation' from the Technische Universität München in February 1995.

IHe was co-founder of the company PIT-Systems OHG (which existed from 2001 till 2005)
which provided solutions for decision making under uncertain and incomplete knowledge.

His research interests focus on logical and probabilistic methods of reasoning.

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